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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Main Phone: 07702 846336
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Location: Harley Street Therapy Centre
1-7 Harley Street, London W1

Details of Practice

Following eight years of training in China, Ping Xu graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), followed by a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese and Western medicine; and she is now an Advanced Member of ATCM (The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, UK).

After completing her training, she worked for five years both as an Advanced TCM Doctor for the only hospital in Beijing offering an integrated programme of treatment in both TCM and Western Medicine and as a part-time TCM Lecturer at its affiliated colleges. Since 2005 she has worked in the UK as an acupuncturist and specialist in herbal medicine; and she also worked for half a year as a part-time clinical teacher at the Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine affiliated to Middlesex University.

The basic thing of TCM is prevention. This involves above all building up the body’s reserves of energy which is to resist pathogenic factors or preventing the progress of pre-existing disease. Thanks to her background in TCM and also in Western medicine, she is experienced in:
  • Infertility: she has been able to help many families (with over 100 babies and dozens of twins being born either naturally or as a result of IUI or IVF since she practised in the UK).
  • Gynaecological disorders: a great many female patients have been successfully relieved of persistent irritation.
  • Gastro-intestinal and respiratory diseases: in many cases symptoms have been brought under control with the help of only acupuncture or Chinese herb.
  • Different types and stages of cancer: using holistic methods she has been able to enhance effect (while reducing the side-effects) of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy and so to improve her patients’ quality of life.
  • Chronic pain syndromes: she has been able to show how these widespread problems can be effectively helped by these ancient but balanced approaches as has indeed been shown by numerous studies.
  • Sports injuries: working together with physiotherapists, it has proven possible bring about a much quicker recovery than with recourse to one therapy alone.
  • Holistic and balanced approach to improve general underlying state of health: Sub-Health State (SHS) may include stress, anxiety, panic, depression, emotion swings, poor concentration and memory, insomnia, eating disorders, fatigue, ect. all of which may very typically result from the modern urban style of life. In dealing with these problems, as indeed in the great majorities of other cases, she is happy to have been able to work in co-operation with a number of outstanding physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, nutritionists and psychologists.
  • Above all, Ping Xu offers an exhaustive and comprehensive initial consultation based on a fully integrated Chinese and Western medical approach combined with a detailed analysis of your present life style.
  • The first consultation will last around 40-60 minutes. The treatment will last about 45minutes.

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