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Susannah Makram

Main Phone: 07591 013648
Mobile: 07591 013648
Location: Harley Street Therapy Centre
1-7 Harley Street, London W1

Details of Practice

SUSANNAH MAKRAM, The Naturopathic Doctor & Osteopath is recognised as one of the leaders in complementary health in the UK. Susannah has worked alongside specialist consultants for the last 8 years to exchange knowledge and put Naturopathic Medicine & Osteopathy on the map.
What makes an appointment with Susannah a success, every time, is her further study into the roles of specialists & combined research work into adjunct therapies; modern medicine; techniques and treatments. Her team enhances her complementary pain & pro ageing treatment solutions.
As a registered osteopath Susannah specialises in treatments for: back pain, neck & knee pain. She delivers fast results safely for every musculoskeletal pain presenting condition.

Susannah's multidisciplinary approach is full proof.
Every appointment with Susannah delivers:

- A solution, by way of treatment, as a part of the initial consultation or
- A direct referral to the most suitable specialist for investigations if indicated &
- A comprehensive summary of the pain presenting complaint, so that treatment options and a plan of action are established from the first visit
Susannah is a Naturopathic Doctor specialising in treating unexplained signs of ageing. These include solutions for:
  • Weight Loss
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Hair Vitality
  • Chronic Fatigue
 To achieve desirable results safely & effectively, Susannah strongly believes that her knowledge, of the science behind intrinsic & extrinsic signs of ageing, is key.  The natural ageing process, that begins for people in their mid 20s, can be delayed. The extrinsic, altered. At every stage there is a fine-tuning mechanism. This exists to be unique to DNA makeup and external factors. Finding these correctly for every individual is a combined science & art, such as is medicine in practice.  Susannah uses Naturopathic principles to set the highest standards in clinical care, where modern medical procedures & medications alone fail to provide long-term solutions.
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